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Some Growing Challenges In Astute Life Insurance Products

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The combined skills and resources of the two organizations enables LIDP to expand its service delivery capabilities to best serve its rapidly growing customer base. As more and more life and annuity providers look to transform and modernize their core administration environment, they are turning to LIDP and its The Administrator Titanium Edition (Titanium) solution, creating an increase in demand for LIDP implementations, legacy conversion, system testing and project management services. The partnership between LIDP and SiSi Group is designed to ensure LIDPs existing and new customers continue to receive the high level of quality service and expertise they have come to expect. With its proven track record and deep domain expertise, SiSi Group is the ideal complement to LIDPs 35 years of successful implementations and support of its customers in the life, health, and annuity markets. Commenting on the partnership, Kimberly Duke, LIDPs CMO and director of sales, said, We couldnt have chosen a better partner to work with than SiSi Group. We have known the principals for a long time and have worked together on a number of projects over the years. The SiSi Group team knows our system as well as the legacy systems that insurers are looking to migrate from. Formalizing our partnership just made sense and will give our clients even greater peace of mind that even as LIDP continues to grow the experts will still be readily available whenever they need that added level of assistance. Joel Conrad, a principal and partner with SiSi Group, added, We are very pleased to announce the partnership with LIDP and see this as a great opportunity for both companies, as well as our mutual clients. As a former CIO within the life and annuity business, I have been following LIDP for many years and have always been impressed with how well they support their clients. We appreciate LIDP putting the trust in SiSi Group to act as an extension of their organization to continue that same level of high quality service. Conrad continued, The depth and breadth of product functionality within LIDPs new Titanium policy administrative system is impressive and will most certainly encourage more and more insurers to finally migrate from their legacy environment to LIDPs truly modern technology platform." About SiSi Group, LLC Strategic Insurance Systems Initiatives Group (SiSi Group) is a unique technical staffing and support firm focused solely on the insurance industry in North America. SiSi clients include insurance companies and industry vendors that need temporary IT staff augmentation, project teams, as well as permanent employees.

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